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Confirming the Word with Signs Following -- Mark 16:20

In a ministry spanning almost four decades, God has graciously confirmed the teaching and preaching ministry of Pastor Kumuyi with miracles of healing and deliverance. In three spectacular world-wide crusades held in May, August and November 2005, the power of God came down mightily upon the sick, the deaf and the blind. Those with crutches threw them away and many souls were won to the Lord. Even those connected to the crusades via satellite and the Internet received the touch of God. 

These miracles of deliverance and salvation surpass that of the Great Miracle Crusade held in 1985 at the main bowl of Nigeria’s largest stadium, National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos with a capacity crowd of 80,000 and the Power As Of Old crusade/retreat held at Ayobo, a Lagos suburb, in Easter of 1996. The Great Miracle Crusade of 1985 attracted, through the massive publicity given to it, a huge crowd put at 175,000. In between these were miracles recorded both in his private ministration and public outreach in other places around the globe. Many of these miracles, which serve to validate Pastor Kumuyi's calling and to confirm the Lord’s anointing upon his ministry, were wrought by the power of God before objective and perhaps critical journalists from Nigerian electronic and print media. 

Below are a couple of the testimonies, from the 2005/2006 crusades and before then.


T. C., 30 years old man from BURUNDI, had his right leg swollen because of an accident. But, while he was being rushed to the hospital he decided to attend the Great Transformation Crusade and when Pastor Kumuyi prayed the "balloon" leg became normal.


M. N. is a 34 years old man from GAMBIA. In 1983 while participating in high-jump competition, he sustained an injury in his right leg and the bone was broken. Since that year he could never walk without crutches. But on the fourth day of the Great Transformation Crusade after the prayer of the man of God, Pastor Kumuyi, he got up and walked without crutches. Praise God.


S. U.’s brother, from Rivers State- NIGERIA, left home and stayed in a city unknown to any of his relations for 40 years. However, during the Great Transformation Crusade he heard Pastor Kumuyi’s message on the prodigal son and God touched him in such a way that he packed his entire belongings and went back home to his people the next day.