Life Press

Life Press

Life Press Ltd (formerly Zoe Publishing and Printing Company Ltd), the publishing arm of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, was established in October 1979. It publishes the Ministry’s books, tracts, magazines (Life, Campus Pearl, Youth Life, and Tender Life) and other edifying materials. By so doing, the printing and publishing arm of the Ministry helps to spread the gospel through the printed pages. The Ministry’s objective is to make this arm one of the best Christian publishing and printing companies in the world.

Life Press books, authored by William F. Kumuyi are undoubtedly inspiring and life-transforming. Many readers have had their lives blessed abundantly by these printed pages and are always asking for more. The books come in different series:

The Unforgetable Encounter | The Great White Throne Judgement | God’s Answer to Man’s Question | The Hour of Decision | Eternity is Near | Roman’s Road to Salvation

Have Compassion on Them | The Heartbeat of the Almighty | Call To Commitment | Rescue The Perishing | Call to Repentance and Faith | Missionary Message from Jonah

Prayer Made Easy | The Secret Place of the Most High | Riches of Prayer | Power through Prayer and Fasting | The Power that Never Fails

Adultery Forbidden | Spirit Controlled Family | Marriage: The Christian Option | How to know God’s Will in Marriage | Marriage: The Perfect Picture| Marriage and Family Life

Sanctification: A Christian Defionite Experience | Holiness Made Easy | The Old Landmark

How to Receive Healing | Hope for our Generation | Curses and Cure | Victory over Witchcraft |Great Miracle Explosion | God’s Unchanging Word in a Changing World | Power for Youths | Power as of Old | Signs of His Coming

The Essentials of Christian Living | Examine Yourself | Key to Happiness | Complete Bible Study Series | Christian Fellowship and Oneness | Prominence, Properties and Permanence of Love | Sowing and Reaping | Divine Blueprint for Spiritual Growth | Ye shall Never Fall | Principle of Christian Discipleship | Breaking the Fallow Ground | My Message to Christian Workers

How To Increase Your Faith | Revival Messages | 3D’s Of Failure And 4D’s Of Success | Freedom From Fear | All Things Are Possible | Faith | The Lord Is My Shepherd | How To Win In Crisis | Spiritual Warfare | The Overcomer | Key To Revival | The Good Fight Of Faith | Our All-Sufficient God | Lord, Increase Our faith | Key To Revival And Church Growth | Power Of Extaordinary Faith | Conquering Through Christ | Way Out Of Famine | Standing On The Promises | The Making Of An Effective Minister

Esther| Ruth | Hannah | Priscilla | Jezebel| Mary | This Samaritan Woman | The Lord, My Shepherd | The The Lord My Security | The Truly Liberated Woman | Changed Women Equipped To Change Their Wolrd

Direct all enquiries to: lifepress.hq@dclm.org